Baby Powder Bath Bomb

Our Baby Powder Bath Bomb, vibrant colours, amazing smells

Bubblegum Bath Bomb

Our most popular Bubblegum bath bomb, great for the kids, (big and small).

Only £3.00 each

Candy Cane Bath Bomb

Our Candy Cane Bath Bomb, perfect for Christmas and a year round favourite, brought to you by Scented Moments by TmT.

Only £3.00 each

Dewberry Bath Bomb

Our Dewberry Bath Bomb, bursting with fruity scents and colour.

Only £3.00 each

Lavender Bath Bomb

Scented Moments by TmT, present our Lavender Bath Bomb, containing real Lavender seeds.

Perfect for a relaxing night,

Only £3.00 each

Lemon & Lime Bath Bomb

Fresh, fruity and zesty, our Lemon & Lime bath bomb are the perfect re-fresher. The only question is will the water go yellow or green?

Mojito Bath Bomb

Our Mojito Bath Bomb, bursting with Fresh and Minty Scents, our freshest bath bomb ever . . . . possibly

Parma Violet Bath Bomb

Our Parma Violet Bath Bomb, making bath time smell like childhood sweets.

Only £3.00 each

Raspberry Bath Bomb

Our Raspberry Bath Bomb, bursting with Raspberry flavours.

Only £3.00 each

Raspberry Limonchello Bath Bomb

Our Raspberry Limonchello Bath Bomb, bursting with a blend of Raspberry an Lemon

Seakay Bath Bomb

Our Seakay Bath Bomb, fresh scents, for a fresh bath time

Only £3.00 each

Strawberry Bath Bomb

Strawberry Bath Bomb, bursting with a sweet strawberry scent.

Only £3.00 each

Summer Sangria Bath Bomb

Our Summer Sangria bath bomb, full of summer fruits and colours, for the ultimate Summer Bath Time

Only £3.00 each 

Tequila Sunrise Bath Bomb

Our Tequila Sunrise Bath Bomb, full of explosive colours only £3.00 each