Cherub Bath Bomb, (Inspired by Angel)

Our Cherub Bath Bomb, scent inspired by Angel. Amazing Colour, Amazing Scent, Amazing Bath-time

Firebomb Bath Bomb (Inspired by Fahrenheit)

Firebomb Bath Bomb (Scent Inspired by Fahrenheit), a instant hit.

Only £3.00 each

Glamourous Bath Bomb (Scent inspired by Creed)

Glamourous Bath Bomb (Scent inspired by Creed), for the high end bath scent you have been waiting for.


Love Bomb Bath Bomb (Inspired by Flower Bomb)

Our Love Bomb Bath Bomb, (scent inspired by Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb). Fall in love with bath-times again

Million Bath Bomb (Inspired by Lady Million)

Our Million Bath Bomb (Scent Inspired by Lady Million), feel like a Millionaire at bath time.

Only £3.00 each

Olympia Bath Bomb (Inspired by Invictus)

Smell like a champion with our Olympia Bath Bomb - Scent inspired by Invictus, only £3.00 each.

Prince Charming Bath Bomb (Inspired by Joop)

One of our most popular bath bombs, Prince Charming, with its Joop inspired scent and fantastic colours. These always sell out fast so get yours now!

Rush Bath Bomb (Inspired by Gucci Rush)

Don't rush your bath time with our Rush Bath Bomb, scent inspired by Gucci Rush.

Only £3.00 each

Space Girl Bath Bomb (Inspired by Alien)

Our our of this world Bath Bomb. Scent inspired by Alien and colour that is truly out of this world.

Spirit Bath Bomb (Inspired by Ghost)

Our Spirit Bath Bomb (Inspired by Ghost), one of our most colourful and popular scents making you feel like your in heaven