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Friendly Family Service

Here at Scented Moments by TmT we love our products so much this is all we use ourselves at home! With our kids often being our very first product testers!

This is how we can swear by all of our products as or whole family is involved and able to give you first hand knowledge of our products.

Relaxing Environment

Scent is important!

Our bath bombs not only smell great in the bath, but also leave your bathroom with a lovely aroma one your bath is finished. With our soaps scenting your skin in your chosen fragrance.

With our melts aiming to provide the best scent throw possible to have your house smelling like a perfumers store

Products held to Ethical Standards

We LOVE our animals and we know that you do to.

That is why at Scented Moments by TmT we will NEVER stock or supply products that are tested on Animals, ever.

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